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"Metamorphosis of the Psyche" episode follows my life up to the moment before music came into it, around 2017, interview by Kevin Hintz from GenK Studios

"Expedition of the Psyche" captures a conversation with my publisher of my first book, my intentions, desires, and goals in writing and publishing the book

"Almighty Psyche" on Random Ramblings w/Rob Podcast dives into some of my travels, physical and emotional, and captures my unique perspectives that shaped the person that I have become.

  • Have played in many places on the west coast, none of them worth mentioning except for the locations of my live album recordings which took place in Zola's Cafe in Auburn (LAZ) and Columbia City Theater in Seattle (Live in October). Both recorded in Washington state.

Cupid & Psyche

music bio

Andrey Psychè is an interdisciplinary artist that found solace in music. What once was background noise has become the centerpiece of his life. He spends most of his time translating his other disciplines into music. Paintings turn to poetry turn to lyrics turn to songs turn to album covers turn to clothe apparel and so on. Psychè recycles every bit of creativity he stumbles upon, squeezing out everything he can before moving on to whatever is next.

His music has been labeled as raw, honest, and emotional slap to the face, by listeners all over the world. Psychè sees music as abstract as his splatter paintings.

"There is a pattern in nature that artists exploit," said Psychè, "my music is no different. Just like in my paintings, I provide a framework, a lattice onto which the viewer, or the listener, projects his own consciousness, using the art as a mirror to peer deep into their own subconscious mind." He continued, "I include visually stimulating lyrics with fragments of my own emotional experience to induce imagery in the mind, and the audience does the rest. They imbue the message with their own stories, their own life, and through me, or other artists, they come closer and closer to the unattainable, the knowledge of self."

His sound has been compared to Mumford & Sons, Pearl Jam, Don Mclean, Cat Stevens, Chris Isaak, Josè Gonzáles, Julien Baker, to name a few. Psychè focuses on the honesty of the emotion he is trying to capture. He said, "If I can't make myself cry, what chance do I stand with getting you to?"

Through his knowledge of the guitar, Psychè creates catchy melodies upon which he builds up a soundscape of emotions. Adding in symbolic language that seems to fall out of his chest, he weaves the two together through layers of familiar change.  "The vocal melody has a definitive pattern, but Psyché also manages to make slight changes that keep monotony at bay. The guitar works much the same way, with a regular pattern imbibed with ultra flair at key points," says Dan Ray from Dan's Tunes Seattle.

If you get a chance to hear Psychè play live, all you will have at the end of the night is a shocked, disbelieving look, and the thoughts of "Wow" repeated over and over again.


Andrey Psyche was a pre-med student destined for medical school. After completing his undergraduate studies of Biology, Anatomy, Biochemistry and the likes, he had a realization about what his life could truly be.

Seeing that the path he was on was actually not of his choosing, Psyche began shedding all of his labels and beliefs until he found himself at square one. A blank slate.

From there, he could create the life of his dreams, but the price was steep. To get there, it required a discipline that challenged him every day. It tested his patience, his heart, and his will to live.

With each coming day, a new obstacle; With each coming night, a new epiphany that allowed him to inch forward, right his wrongs, and finally uncover his true self.

From that point on, nothing has stopped him on his mission to expressing his truth. He has immersed himself in many different communities, learning countless skills that have helped him reach innumerable people and change their lives for the better.


From his original music, his books, his visual art, his coaching, or just the art of business, he puts his best foot forward, accepts no excuses, and leaves nothing but love as his footprints in the sands of life.

All he wants to do is pass this torch of passion, knowledge, and love, to anyone that is fed up with their lives and feels like there is something more. Believe that there is so much more for all of us, you just have to reach out and grab it.

Psyche has published two books which, in their own way, shine a light on the path that brings an individual to their truth in order to shine bright in a world of darkness.

If you would like to learn more, please visit his website,


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