Pay Me Sliding Scale

There are MANY things

that you can hire me for.

Here are just a few options:

  • Custom Printed Apparel (weddings, birthdays, team sports, pranks...)

  • Custom Graphic Designs (stickers, business cards, posters...)

  • Personal Digital Portraits (birthday, Christmas, anniversary...)

  • Drawings/Painting/Murals 

  • Custom Music ( weddings, anniversary, business promo, profess your love to someone)

  • Branding/Marketing Strategy

  • Russian Interpreter/Translator

  • Poetry Reading/Writing 

  • Voice-Over Work

  • Acting

  • Event Planning

  • Private Performances (music, readings, dancing)

  • Keynote Speaker (motivational, business, creative)

  • Podcast Producer/Director/Actor

  • "Life Coach" 

    Just fill out the survey and explain your needs.

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Artist:___Andrey Psyche


To begin the design process, a deposit of 50%  must be paid. The final 50% must be paid by the client at pickup/delivery of agreed upon service. Initial price is always an estimate. Final price may fluctuate depending on actual time on the project.

Payscale is calculated by taking into consideration cost of the materials used, time of execution, and guaranteed time set aside for clear communication with client. It does NOT include planning, research, waiting, or other passive parts of the process.  

Interview/ Research → Discussion → Draft → Design → Revisions→ Final Touch → Delivery

Interview and Research: entails a conversation between both parties about the expectation of the design and any other important details that need to be included. 

Discussion: is an ongoing process and an integral part of satisfaction for both parties.

Draft: is done after all the information has been compiled. The very first idea is created upon which further discussion will take place. This is repeated until a firm idea is found.

Design: is the process where the artist begins to flesh out the project to completion.

Revisions: are available to iron out any final details that need to be polished.

Final Touch: takes the revisions into account and finishes the product per customers specs and desires.

Delivery: will be finalized after the total payment has been issued to the artist.

Please be available by email, text or phone call to make adjustments to the evolving design until we reach a point of satisfaction. If major changes have to be made after the Design Step has begun, the order will be considered cancelled, the deposit will be considered forfeited, and the client must start a new design process with the artist. This includes another deposit before any work can begin.


If the client does not wish to participate in the design process, the client gives the artist creative freedom and forfeits their rights to any revisions. This is agreed upon between the client and artist during the beginning steps of the design process.


If at any time throughout the design process, prior to the Design Step, the client feels their ideas are not being expressed by the artist, for any reason, they have the right to receive a full refund. 

If the client wishes to end the project after the design step, the client forfeits the initial deposit. The client does not keep any part of the designs they may have received throughout the design process. The designs are the right of the artist, and any use by the client may result in legal action on part of the artist.

The artist holds the right to refuse any client, for any reason, at any time. If the artist chooses to walk away from the project, the client will receive a full refund. The only scenario in which the artist will not issue a full refund is if the client behaved unsafely as outlined by Washington State’s harassment laws.


All designs and artworks remain the intellectual property of the artist unless purchased by the client.

All work is classified under the Creative Commons License of Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike, which permits others to use, distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon artist work non-commercially so long as the artist is given credit.

To credit the artist on social media, post must include “art by @AndreyPsyche” and a link to the website: andreypsyche.com 

For commercial use, a copyright must be purchased in addition to the design fee.

*If any project requires the use of copyrighted materials, the artist will assume the client has acquired all necessary copyrights. If any legal action is brought up to the artist due to copyright infringement, the client accepts all responsibility for created materials, absolving the artist from any legal ramifications.


Time of completion varies with each project, and all orders will be completed in the sequence of which they were received, unless a rush order is placed. Rush orders receive top priority. Prices for a rush order are doubled.

Average completion time is two weeks but will vary depending on the scope of the project and the responsiveness of the client. Pick up, delivery, and shipping are available delivery methods. For digital designs, the artwork will be sent via email at no additional charge. For physical art, pick up is free and preferred. Delivery includes an additional charge of 1$ per mile traveled to and from the client. Shipping is available through USPS, FedEx, or UPS. The shipping price will depend on package weight and size, and will be added on to the final payment before being sent out.

It is assumed you have read this agreement in full, and by paying this invoice, you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Service.





© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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