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  • Andrey Psyche

Certainty To Cling To?

Is there a certainty you cling to?

Is there a truth that you believe?

Is there a news source you adhere to?

Does knowledge make you strong or weak?

Do you believe that there's a system in which you ask your deepest thoughts

Responds in clarity of pictures and leaves your thirst for knowledge quenched?

How do you know the truth from fibbage?

How can you tell what's right from wrong?

Does something give you higher knowledge?

What gives your insights solid ground?

Is there a way you understand more wholesomely and comprehend

The deepest natures of these humans that seek the answers heaven sent

Is there a tool that helps you reason more rationally than any man

That sat in caves or oval buildings to hear intentions of their plans

What gives you distance from the problems

From suffering and all the pain

That clears your eyes to see unbiased

That favors you to speak so grand

Is there a road map that you follow that brought you here, to where you stand

To know the things of which you're sure off

To stop the search and reach the end?

I've yet to find a single answer

You ask me something, I don't know

Can't even trust my own 5 senses

How can I judge what I am told?

The possibilities are endless

Infinity is hard to probe

Whats true for you might be a sliver

Of what the universe beholds

Poetry by Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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