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  • Andrey Psyche

Death Bed

There's this feeling that I have

That I'm never going to die

Even though I see my loved ones slowly fading from this life

In this moment I am power

I am freedom, I am love

Even if I can imagine my inevitable death

And perhaps my fear is distanced

From the truth I'm yet to face

But the thought of letting go

Rubs me with a warm embrace

I want to personally invite you

To the day I'm laid to rest

Come together one last time

For my one and final breath

In it, see our whole life flashing

Every tear and every laugh

Walk with me through times well spent

And the ones we couldn't mend

Leave you crying at the door

Send a cheer and give a roar

Cus at last my heart is filling

To a point of overfilling

To the moment of release

Ecstacy beyond our dreams

Sing along to starry night

As both Rays shine a bright light

To a life well lived together

Know that I have never ever

Been more happy than I am

In this moment I lay breathless

Stress less and recount my words

How my life transformed this world

Poetry by Andrey Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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