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  • Andrey Psyche

Fooling Fools

The intention isn't equal

End result could fool a fool

Once a flame that roared with thunder

Underneath the bright blue moon

Swooned the heart of my true lover

S'been diminished,

Gone too soon

Catch the ashes in the whispers of the wind

Scatter slowly with the motions of the end

Bend and break as the heart longs for the warmth

Of one last spark

That escaped the touch of death

You can still find ghosts roam free of people

You and I still used to be

Still, we stand

Won't dare to move

Where would we go

When the only destination worth it

Is a place right next to you

Empty husk that tries to fill the empty hours that kept records of the hollow tasks I stuffed it


To emerge with labels I had no intentions of adhering to this skin

And the only thing I truly wanted

Only thing I fought to win

Seems no closer than the day I threw my care into the wind.

I don't mean to entertain

Or complain about a thought that's been lodged inside my brain for far too long

But am I wrong to feel the feelings that keep pushing me along a path I've grown to love, and


I stay and move and change and grove and find myself in something new

But is it tho?

I'm weary to the core

It's not that I want any more

I just want her

I only want her

Perhaps that want s'become a need for I can't see beyond it anymore

If I am to accept the absence any longer is to accept a life no longer filled with any meaning

And believe me, that I can, and I have, but why prolong it

Even longing has subsided

There is nothing left to hide or to highlight in limelight

I am more than happy to blend in back into the background

To get swallowed by the whole

'Cus no matter what my game is

I keep calling cold my home

Poetry by Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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