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  • Andrey Psyche

Atlas Resignation

I put so much time and effort just to capture every footstep, and it's helped me grow beyond any

thought I've since discovered, yet I wonder, if I plundered, down a rabbit hole again.


Why should I, not any other, need to make you feel convinced, that the feelings that you battle,

are your failed hopes and dreams. Why do I deserve to squirm teaching you about your own

reasons for behavior that detract you from your soul.


To be free, we can't be greedy, that is why I try so hard to give back what I've discovered, to share

knowledge of my past, how I battled the same demons, how I suffered just like you, but the fact

that I'm beyond it, makes you feel like you can't do the small steps that I have written, in a book I

made for you!


Why would I go through the troubles of recounting every step, why would I say anything that

might save you from your dread, why would you brush off with ease the advice that's got me

here, when you look at me in peace, and you claim you see in me, a uniqueness unlike any you

have previously seen.


It's so funny 'cus I know, were addicted to the flow of pain that we've been used to, I was there

again, like you, only suffering will check you into wanting something more. That is where my

heart ache starts 'cus I want to give you hope, but you'll look past all my efforts, always want the

easy out.

Poetry by Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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