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  • Andrey Psyche


It's been quite some time since I've let my intentions speak. To tell you the truth, the way your

voice creeks straight drops me to my knees. Been staying busy running toward the stick upon

which someone tied a carrot to the end if it, and even if I get an inch or two on it, it always sways

back into the distance.

What an existence I, or we, have chose to endure. Complaints are many, and blessing but a few

but we are here to flip the script I see and there's no doubt or worry when I focus all my energy

on staying sane and free, to be the rock upon this rock and bring some comfort to the flock of

people all around, to see examples of true love, what else am I to give?

I hope that you may finally forgive, whatever fortune or the mis of it that brought you here. The

torture ain't worth a shit yet for some reason we are all addicted.

There's humor in the water that we drink.

Everyday life will stab you in attempts to make you spill whatever knowledge that you harbor,

so why not bleed a bit of laughter, it's natures medicine, I vow, to its efficiency and now, I see no

reason not to love the everyday and every jab, for why would I let any drop, beyond my fingers

and my grasp. When all this nectar, pure and sweet, was just delivered on to me. Please, this is

the reason for our longing, to feel the sting and feel the throbbing, to let the passion boil over

and burn the stove with charcoaled circles, inside of which but one thing glows, the heat of your

own self control, and who you are, and what you stand for, why you fall, the faces of the one's

you've hurt, and how you never wanted more than hold her tight inside your arms, to kiss her

forehead, calm her down, to fight for justice and for peace, to see your life flash and decide, is

that the life that's worth me dying?

It is the one and only mirror, god never once could stand to see, his own reflection in the mirror,

he shattered it into a sea of pieces. Why do you think you're here? Stare in the eye of your

reflection, inspect the crevices and flaws, for it is you that you are seeing, this image, more divine

than billion stars. This is the reason we can't settle, for some mediocre life, we have to gnaw,

and scratch, and bite, until we finally find the one, who looks us dead inside our eye. Who doesn't

flinch when sparks start flying. Who doesn't run when they get tired. Who doesn't fear the act of

dying but does embrace their will to live. Embrace the gift we're living in. Embrace the love that's in

our heart. Embrace the children and the art of living quietly out loud, embrace the earth, embrace

the clouds. Embrace the moon for all she is, and always, always, strive to give.

Poetry by Andrey Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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