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  • Andrey Psyche

Show Me What You Got

I don't want to talk to you

I put no faith in words

I want to know you

Show me your world

My world is peace, boundless creation

You want to know me, my disposition

I'd rather put my words to use and bring about the action that point an arrow in the way of

thoughts that helped me fashion the mind that brings about true change, not something I can


Just tired of these empty words, just show me, no distractions.

The quality of mind and soul has yet to fail me in the role of stamps I use upon completion of

every thought that comes undone

Thats why I'd rather run with lack of statements made out with tongues and focus purely on

creation of daily practice that excretes from restless souls I crave to know

Theres nothing that I want more than being seen for what I am, for what I know, for who I chose

to form from rotting flesh and broken bones but know that words are meaningless at best, the

things I look for I attest, hold up in court, pass every test

The patterns of your everyday, my everyday, stand tall to say the character that plays the role, in

silence, screaming out through worlds

Look who I am

Look what I've done

No need to find the smoking gun when you can see the trigger being pulled and all the damage

that ensued

I'm tired of the run around

Just point me to the nectar and leave me feasting on the essence

Can't stand to fill my appetite with junk and meaningless expressions

I'll write you books before exchanging glances

And set the hooks for reason to be patient

Bring your attention to your right

You'll find my catalog of thought

The reason I became the man that sings straight from the heart

Just shift your eyes upon this shelf

Upon it everything I've felt

And every jigsaw that I chose to stuff straight in my soul

I cross my heart and swear to God

There's nothing that I wish to hide

I've shone a light upon the darkest portions of my life and made a mockery of every demon that

tried to steer me into any place that wasn't meant for me,

From people that didn't bleed for me

So please excuse me when I

Refrain from falling in line

To leave my world of peace and quiet

After I've poured blood and sweat

Into digestible sects

Of every piece of my life

It's there, I promise

My passions, follies and my love

I thought of you

When I recorded every line

In music, podcasts, you will find the meaning of my life

In rags of many hues

You can be one with me and my desires

Feed off the wavelengths I transmit from burning fires in my gut

Inside the poetry, philosophies I subscribed to

For you to understand the happiness that I am used to

You wish to know me

I am an open book

Published every word so you'll be free to look

If you wish the same for me to know you as I know my self

I'll search your name

Inside the glossary

So save your energy

And show me what you got

Poetry by Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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