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  • Andrey Psyche

Thank You

Thank you

For attempting to inspire growth within the hearts of boys

To bring an end to the misplaced desires imprinted into every mind

To set a standard, reaching higher places through the pain of friction

Stains from grains of diction gone awry

Yet you try, and try, and try

Tears still falling from your eyes

But without you, all is lost

Generation will collapse

Even in the face of danger

Strangers stealing your serenity

Softly squealing for your sanity

But you fight, and fight, and fight

For your rights

Our right

Our future of tortured youths to recount the broken days of decades and find ways to suture our

decaying wounds

It's all you

All within

Never without

Signs of pain

And even doubt

But the strength that you posses had surpassed their every test

Every whipping, every lashing

Stood up strong and loved with passion

Love has always been your strength

You demand to find a friend in their reflection

Trust me, even for moment

It eventually sets in

Even when you have abandoned and set sail on different winds

It arrives

They start to rise

Even if it takes all night,

A month, a decade or

A lifetime

Building fences all you can do

Planting seedlings in the soil

Stand your ground and be respected

Stand up

Hold on to your crown for comfort

Only when you break their hearts

Will they realize the darkness

So again I thank you

For playing your role

Even when it seems unlikely

That whats heavy and ungodly

Can bring forth a new tomorrow

Poetry by Psyche


© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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