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  • Andrey Psyche

Timeless Truths of the Heart

Timeless truths of the heart

Flowing rhythmically from far distances to carry witnesses from one point to the other

Grace that fell from the heavens eye belittled little angels that no longer cared about the human

plight and suffering

But I

I decide to give up on fleeting dreams and bring inside this fortune that has swayed both to and


Tossed back and forth between reality and time

This time I reached in deep within my soul and pulled two strings that croaked and groaned

The sisters fate no longer waiting to uphold their duties squeezed tight the razor blades

between their fingers

And with that


A star descends

Lands in the lands that suffered endlessly in plain sight, where no one even bats an eye to this


But with her substance, her grace that touched the hearts of frozen solid masses

Brings back a sliver of a fraction

Photons rushing

Illuminate the lines that divide us into factions

And slowly mend the torn up friends

Until we find ourselves again

Among the many that give praise

To love,

the ultimate embrace.

Poetry by Andrey Psyche

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© 2018 Andrey Psyche

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