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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Our brain is split into two hemispheres, two different sides doing their own separate function of observing the current universe that is happening around us. The way the two separate sides communicate together is through the corpus callosum. This neural net of cells connect and relay the information between what one side of the brain is perceiving with what the other one is perceiving and acts as a bridge to connect the two impulses into a whole unified image.Left side of the brain is masculine in nature. Focused upon executing functions and analytical thought; e.g. Logic, language, reasoning, science, numbers, things that are rigid, that travel in a straight line, that you can measure up and down , that can be easily observed and executed.The masculine side allows us to make a decision and pursue it until its completion. We are granted this ability to plan and execute our deepest strategies upon our life and anything around us. We are able see with our mind’s eye, with practice to astonishing detail, making it possible to bring any idea it to life.On the right hemisphere is where we create the idea. On the right we engage in creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, music awareness, and anything else that deals with the internal world. It’s the feminine side of the brain which deals with emotion processing and connecting life experiences into a quilt of wisdom. It allows for the pleasure and desires of this world to enter our mind and carries with it whimsy, freedom, higher levels of love, and appreciation of the tiniest of details. We are able to observe the world from a deeper, less physical and more symbolic, spiritual way. The use of one over the other is detrimental. We become overpowered in some aspects but starving for others and our life will always present obstacles that reflect our imbalance. If we are heavier on one side rather than the other, like most of our society is structured to favor the masculine nature of our mind, it will numb us to the total reality that we are meant to experience in our lifetime.The key to a healthy, happy, prosperous life is balance, on all planes of existence.By allowing ourselves to be free to both be analytical, decisive but also free and whimsical, we become to incorporate a larger volume of integration between the two hemispheres. We are able to draw more neural growth in our corpus callosum, leading to a larger, more diverse network of connections and level of communication between our two halves, unifying the mind in the center with each expansion in thought, leading to a state of whole brained thinking, literally closing the gap between the two halves to form one whole.Accepting our individual parts of the brain and their respective roles, we can show ourselves acceptance in the identification with things that don’t “match” our sex. Gender roles are a social construct, and a bad one at that, which serves a platter of confusion to people that fall outside of the typical ideas. By understanding that we have both the feminine and the masculine aspects inside of us, we can confidently know that we can choose to pursuit and develop whichever one we feel suits our needs best without having to undergo drastic medical procedures to prove anything to the world. By growing our drive to execute ideas and develop empathy, we can finally embody a true sense of balance within our minds, leading to better practices in the way we treat humanity and the world as a whole.The answer to life is never found in either extreme, but in the middle path of moderation.Allow ourselves the freedom to act from our heart."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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