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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Everything in life, both itself and its opposite, is a part of a unity that encompasses the range between two opposing sides and builds up an array of emotions and thoughts that can be had.It is up to us which end or single point of this spectrum we experience, either the lack or the abundance of said experience. Just like Love and Hate, we have to care about someone, their opinion, and their existence in order to give them so much attention that both love and hate provide. Love and Hate consume our thoughts, our motivations, desires and actions. Love and Hate are the same emotion, just on different ends of the same stick; we simply chose to experience it through a variety of positions.On one end, we can choose to see the fear that accompanies the lack of our desire. This pushes our perspective of our existence to sway toward the lower end of the stick. Our fear of its loss or lack is the very thing that perpetuates the loss of the thing that we are so attached to.On the opposing side we have total purity. We have the loving and pleasant thoughts and emotions washing over our experience. We have no fear of life or all that can come our way. Our perspective is littered with points of light that enhance our experience by providing us with wisdom of how everything that we desire to achieve or attract to ourselves already contains a small piece of information that allows us to bring forth the material desire from our heart to our reality. With each piece that we gather, we can see our life getting brighter, more prosperous in all possible ways as we get more experienced in extracting happiness from life. Our desires end up coming to us from every direction. Highs that bring such elation and fulfillment to us, that at times it can be a whole body experience of pleasure rushing through each cell, perpetuating head to toe, leaving only a wake of goose bumps and erect hair follicle in its path.Many people can experience this and get overwhelmed with the thoughts in their mind and begin to experience anxiety. If we allow this feeling total control of our bodies, we are allowing it to wash over us without any resistance, it will pass smoothly and enjoyably. If we attempt to resist it, all of these energetic currents find that point of resistance, most likely a thought we fear or haven’t accepted within ourselves, and supercharges it, giving us “anxiety”.They key to focus on is acceptance of whatever might happen.Operate from the perspective that gives us most pleasure and understand that when people use fear in an attempt to motivate us into action, we can know that they are acting from a lower point of the spectrum and are trying to pull us down to their level of perception. They are unable to see the joy that is all around them in every moment, so they feel the need to make everyone else stare at the disfigured wall that they have created in their minds, trying to ease their suffering by suffering in good company. Instead, decline their invitation to their “hell”, live our life loud and proud with light in our hearts, and one day, we will lead those same people to their own “heaven” by showing them a better way."

Bipolar Spectrum


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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