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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Do we feel happy, peaceful, prosperous, powerful, free? Or miserable, anxious, shattered, sad, manipulated?We attract what we are.We are nothing but a character with habits that we have acquired from the years of action, sprouting from our words. This all starts with the very thoughts in our heads, which are only attempts of each of us to interpret our ever changing states of emotion.We will find along our journey everything we will ever need to thrive in a material world, or we find the excuses which prevent our success. More importantly, we will find a person in the mirror that is worth all the riches in the world, or someone who has earned the pitfalls and despairs that haunt us around every corner. We prove it all to ourselves through every word, every action, and every habit that springs out of us.In order to become the person we want to become, we have to follow a path filled with countless obstacles, which will eventually deliver us into our desired life. We cannot remain the same person that is miserable and beaten down. We can’t base our decisions from the feelings of depression, anxiety, or pain and see any change for the better. We must transmute it into higher states of being. No matter how much money or material possessions we have, the true riches in life will forever be unattainable if we remain stagnant.The pursuit of material goods isn't a bad one. We are here in the material world and should be able to savor all of its fruit. The problem arises in the lack of appreciation for all that we have. Without the appreciation for what life is, fulfillment will never be attainable. Revising our thoughts, mind, and beliefs only leads to new experiences. They will only be unique to us when we achieve a change in our thought patterns. If we don't change, we will continue making the same mistakes. We will re-encounter the same issues time, and time, and time, and time, and time again. If we don't want more for ourselves, we will never get it. We all deserve to be living a fulfilling life and we all have the tools inside every one of us to reach our full potential. The only thing that we need is the desire to grow, the knowledge that we are worthy, and action.Only when we reach a point of identifying our desires, can we start to move forward in our life. Our desires are what will keep us happy and striving for more. Not the actual physical thing, but the desires themselves. The desires build passion and drive, in order to go forth and achieve them.The true joy is within the path that presents itself in front of us when we are chasing our dreams and happiness. The path that gets placed in front of us, the road that we get to walk, all the stop and scenery and friends that we meet, those are the things that allow us to build a sense of fulfillment in life.Then, when we get to our destination, we set another desire and begin the journey once again.Create our desires within, and watch them spring to life.Have courage in your abilities and always keep moving!"

Coronal Discharge


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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