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Commissioned art available


Just like in the old times, amazing artists would immortalize their subjects for years to come. I want to give you that same chance through my art. 

To start off, I will ask for a photograph from which I can begin my work. Make sure to chose one that you already like because I can only do so much to alter it, the framework will remain the same.

I will then make a digital painting of your photograph and expose your inner colors for the world to gander upon each and every time they walk past it. 
you may use your portrait to simply print on canvas or whatever you like, in any size.

I will also include a matching cover photo (the background) in case you want to use it for any of your social media outlets and want a whole experience for no extra charge.

If you want stickers done, we can talk ;)

If you have any special instruction for lettering, let it be known at the start of the project and we can discuss what can be done.


*********************** Required Info

I need a photograph from which to build from.
Any size is fine but you want to focus on your faces. 
The background is not important.
Make sure you like the photo you chose.

Personal Digital Portrait


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