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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Life tends to give us a new environment with each passing moment. Just being in a new global location forces our body to acclimate to the air and microbes that are prominent there. Our bodies must keep up with the changing tides of bacteria and viruses that are forever interlocked with us in a never ending evolutionary race; which one can kill the other. Viruses and bacteria are always finding new ways to evolve past our defenses, and we combat this by evolving new mechanisms of detection in order to survive. As one evolves past the other, the other gets put into an environment where they are forced to evolve past the thing that is slowing them down, in order to bring the opposing forces to become ineffective until they evolve past the barriers that the other has set into place, and the cycle repeats.It’s important to follow in the example of our own body and be ready for an ever changing environment, always ready to grow past its obstacles in order to remain in the state of most well-being. We develop ways of detecting change around us. We start to notice things that give us an accurate prediction of future circumstances, which we have proven to ourselves through trial and error, pleasure and pain, and instead of finding ourselves in the same pitfall, we learn to avoid them altogether. We notice a pattern of occurrences that scream out at us as we learn to identify our own resonance.Déjà Vu?As we begin to notice these changes, we are able to modify our behavior to comply with the new environments, choosing the path of least resistance. If we can adapt to our environment as soon as it changes, we don't have to deal with the battles that accompany misaligned ways of interacting with life. If we can adapt quickly and learn from our first bout, we save ourselves the precious time of repeating the same lesson over and over again, and simply skip over the unnecessary pain that we have already gone through.We save the time it would have taken for us to go through the experience again, the time to recuperate, the time to connect the dots, and the time to feel comfortable once again.If we see our life seeming to have a pattern in any possible way, we can understand the pattern of our thoughts. Change the pattern in our thoughts and watch our old patterns of behavior fall apart.Be ready for constant change, and for those capable of accepting the chaos, find peace."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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