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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"The transcendence between the earthly plane and what lies beyond is never a comfortable one for us as a physical being to comprehend, let alone accept. The idea of not existing makes absolutely no sense for us, so we hide from it at all expense.
As we are today, we are living as a flow of energy and emotion behind optical orbs of our own perception. We flow through this universe just as every other wave that coexists along us as this very moment. We are always moving, fluctuating, and vibrating at, and even after the death of our bodies.
Death remains, for some, the fear that engulfs their entire life. A fear that they cannot overcome. Limiting their life to seeing nothing but death’s shadow slowly creeping toward them, closer and closer, until they get sucked up in its very essence, leaving absolutely nothing; no light, no sound, no trace of any existence of life whatsoever.
To those who have made peace with death, know that it’s not death that is to fear, it is the lack of life. That is exactly what we end up with when we live in this fear, but when we let go and focus on taking in all that each day has to offer, we experience complete freedom in thought and action. Free to do anything we have ever dreamt of. Striving for more, trying new things, and accepting difficulty until our comfort zone becomes limitless. Instead of hiding in a box where there is us and rejection, embarrassment, or complete failure; a box where no light ever shines because the fear of what may lay outside prevents any joys of life to penetrate through to our heart.
By accepting that death is a celebration of life, and a time to rejoice in all that was achieved by being an observer of all the things that stood in the way of life and all that followed to bring them to the side of victory, can weaken the grasp of death over anyone’s mind.
Following the journey of exactly who one was, from birth to expiration, and allow the lessons and adventures to trickle through the mind and morph into exhilarating feelings of gratitude to have the opportunity to live such an existence. To have made an impact on lives, past, present and future.
What else could bring intense flavor to life?
Death isn't the loss of a life or the end of the book. Death is simply a period at the end of a sentence. It might signify an end of one thought, one idea, or one experience, but what follows is usually a brand new sentence, ready to surprise and delight us more than the last one. In a universe that is always expanding, always growing, each sentence that ends leads to a brand new, more prosperous world.
Accept death, and let life in."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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