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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Planting a seed of love into the hearts of all that we may come across might be the only true act of love that they will experience in their lives. As we get lost and wonder through the same cycles, all it takes is a smile, a kind gesture, and a sincere heart to warm them up to all the possibilities life has to offer.When we get low and feel confused by life, we feel like there is no way out, and we are being led down a path that we didn't want to go down; minute details will flash before our eyes to serve as signs to turn back. We continue down this road because we are following the momentum of our previous choices, and we don't know that we can stop and turn around, or veer off at any time.We have no obligations to anyone in the world to do anything that they may expect from us.We have no obligations to wake up each and every day and remain the same person.We have the ability to see each day as a new opportunity.We can wake up as an author of everything that can happen. As the director of life, manuscript in hand. Every day is filled with opportunities to grow, expand in knowledge and experience. When we open our eyes, we can imagine it as a new beginning, a rebirth.The night before, we closed our eyes and stopped observing the perceived reality. When we awaken, we get a new opportunity to do things anew. We get the blank script, and it’s up to us to fill it in.What do we want to happen?Where do we want to see ourselves?Who will we have to become in order to achieve our goals?The mirror neurons in our brain work wonderfully in aiding our learning. We experience the growth of our own neural pathways just by observing the performance of an action done by someone else. This is a great way to learn without having to do any conscious actions. We can hijack this principle to further aid our growth by building a person in our mind; someone that can achieve everything with swiftness and ease. We get an image of what that person does, what they look like, how they makes others feel, how they’re perceived by others, and any other details that may bring the image to life.We create them in our thoughts, and ultimately become them by aligning ourselves with the higher standard of our “perfect specter”.Every day, we get a chance to become closer and closer to the person that is getting everything that we want. We get closer to connecting with the right people that appreciate us, and whatever we chose to do with our life.Once we begin giving love, we have everything we need to be connected to every other person connected to love. Through a network of love spanning the entire world, just like individual neurons in our brain form a bridge of myelinated axons together in order to transmit electrical impulses between each other, so can we share our desires or needs with one another until we reach a state of mutual satisfaction.Once we reach out and connect, we can function as a world consciousness that can allow for deeper understanding of life.If we all connect to each other, we become unified in our focus, and sustained focus is how we make any idea into a reality."

Earth 2.0


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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