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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"In order to go on to the next level of existence, we must eventually expand. This applies to life on many scales; be it cells, amoeba, fungus, or us.As the microbes seek more resources they go into an expansive state where they double the amount of information they posses in their lives at that moment, by multiplying and consuming all that is around them. Their sense of the world narrows down to whether there is food or not, and that information gets relayed to whether or not it feeds. If resources are a plenty, we will try to expand as much as possible to thrive and reach massive numbers.We do it to gain more information, to become stronger and more resilient to whatever the environment throws at us, acclimating to all possible environments, but ultimately, to survive. In order to become bigger, stronger, and smarter, we must be able to let go of who we are right now. We can’t get to the moon by keeping one foot on the ground. We aren't going to get into the place of our desires by holding on to the life that held us back from our dreams.We must be able to release all attachments that are hindering us from moving forward and start grasping all the things we have been craving our whole life.Release the hooks that don’t serve us and attach ourselves to the best possible feeling that we can for the time being to keep grappling up the mountain, reaching for new heights with each breath. Find elevations that we have only dreamed of, only heard of. Reach the place that we once believed was impossible. Find a place within ourselves that entice tears of joy to flow down our cheeks with daily experiences.It’s possible.Grow; do not let others to place a limit on how far we can go in life. We are infinite and so is our potential. Do not cap our ability because of the ideas of someone else. They do not have our same experience. No one can ever compare to us. We are original and that is why we, and every other personANDREY PSYCHÉ56in this world, are pure art. For the simple reason of existing, playing our role in expansion, sending out thoughts which turn to desires and eventually gets brought to our experience. We are the reason for growth. We are in a state of daily evolution to become better than before.Learn something new every day; consume new knowledge, and experience expansion, one bite at a time."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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