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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"What we experience in our day to day reality, in every circumstance, every interaction that we witness and participate in, ultimately leads us to the validation of that experience though the way that we felt about it.Did we have fun?Was it boring?Did we feel comfortable or anxious?These are the ways that we can categorize a particular moment that we experienced. We build a narrative about the experience in order to make sense of the situation. Emotions end up driving the way we think and what objects fall in our line of focus. This leaves the experience totally dependent on our emotional state. So why not cut out the middle man and chase the emotions that give color to the experience, instead of putting all the weight on the external stimulus.We possess the most accurate compass in life that indicates all that is good and bad for us; a compass that provides us the guidance necessary to lead us to the best possible outcome that can be achieved. A compass that guides us through the toughest of moments in life and a tool that allows us to experience our most sought after pleasures. That compass is emotion!If we only allow ourselves to listen to the little voice inside, we can know what feels good and desirable, or what’s undesirable. The desirable thoughts will lead us to desirable pathways leading to desirable outcomes. Listen to that voice that indicates to us all that feels good and follow that.We have the freedom to be exactly who we want to be as long as we respect the same rights of others. There is no competition occurring in between us. We all deserve the same things in life. The same love, same happiness, same fulfilled desires and same tenderness. By accepting the fact that we are worthy of it all, we can seek to fulfill these desires which bring us a sense of joy and fulfillment.We get too caught up paying attention to how others live their lives, what they think is OK and what isn't, and we get derailed from our compass. What they want from their reality might not be what we want, but if we put all of our focus on it, we slowly start conforming to their standards, and away from our own.By desiring the best for ourselves, we automatically desire the best for the rest of the world. Here, we realize we are one with each other. All going through the same life, all trying to figure out exactly who we are, simply trying to find our way back home.We go back and forth, repeating the same mistakes, walking into the same traps, perpetuating the cycle of misery. We can’t seem to move forward and things don't seem to get much brighter. But by reaching within ourselves to a feeling that feels slightly better, we make forward progress which gets us closer and closer to relief. By following our own personal compass, we can never be misled.If we always strive for improvement, we will eventually find our way to bliss. It all starts with one step that we consciously decide to take each and every day."

Extraterrestrial Dream


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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