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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"A picture might be worth a thousand words, but how much is an emotion worth?With emotions, we are able to convey blocks of thoughts, feelings, scenarios, and ideas. By communicating through our emotions, stripping away all of the unnecessary fat from our experience, we are able to bypass the filler and head straight into the main course.As we move about our life, if we are clear with our desires with everyone that comes across our path, we will meet some that oppose us, and others that will be happy to participate in our venture. When we are up front and honest about everything that lies in our heart, the worst that can happen is we get a no; but we are also free to continue our search as soon as that interaction is over, saving us time and energy trying to get something by beating around the bush or trying to manipulate someone against their best judgment. By being completely honest with ourselves, we gain an ability to be completely honest with others and with that, we accelerate the pace at which our desires take shape. There is no greater gift than completely accepting one’s own thoughts and emotions to the point of being completely confidant in voicing your inner thoughts to the world.There are many people that are capable and willing to help others. We just have to give others a reason to think of us as a friend. Someone that understands what they are going through and their mind set. Someone that feels like they feel, that thinks like they think. They just want to feel a bond as much as we do, and that is what connects us all. By being completely honest about our emotions, we build a relationship based on honesty and truth. Operating in complete freedom from one’s insecurities, we give that same permission to everyone we interact with. They become more open with us, as they should; we gave them a reason to open up, to feel free, accepted and loved under any circumstance.If we can gift someone full honestly, we will find that more people find this as an attractive and pleasurable quality, than not.Be fresh by putting weight behind the words we use. Make them valuable and backed by our whole soul. Dig deep inside our heart and find a sincere emotion that we can share. Offer them a piece of love that they could look back throughout the day and smile. Give them a reason to doubt less and look at themselves in a brighter light.Most of us don't know our strengths until someone sticks our nose in it and tells us. Be the person that goes around and pointing out the light in a person’s features, mannerisms, taste, style, or quirks, and tell them how much love and happiness it makes us feel. Tell them we appreciate them, and send them on their way to spread that joy far and wide.Be sincere and confidant in the way that we feel, and people will be attracted to our clarity. When we give out our love, the time will also comes for us, and then others will find us and give that love right back."

Higher Perspective


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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