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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"When we find our passions, our dreams and desires, we get an idea of who we are. We see a goal that we are striving to reach and whatever paradise we can envision for ourselves, and just go after it. We see it every day, not necessarily the whole picture, but a portion. We can taste the sensations that wash over us as we imagine every piece falling into place; and the taste intoxicates us.But, whenever the chance arises, take some time for peace and quiet to think about our desires and goals. See them unwind before our eyes and accept the storm of joy that rains upon us.To anticipate the feeling rewards us with the sensation of having our goals before the world gets a chance to give us the “real” thing. Practice visualizing the desired aspect of acquiring our goals and savor the feeling of our hard work paying off. We can reach an image in our mind, where we can believe even for a moment of thought that we attained the nature of joy and happiness from our projected desires. This moment connects us to our end goal and draws it closer to us, acting as a guide, eventually bringing us to a moment in time where we and our goals are united.With practice, this becomes as easy as breathing.As we move through life, everything that we will require to achieve our goals will attract itself to us. Just as a huge space rock gathers smaller boulders with its gravitational attraction to eventually accumulate itself into a planet, so must we attract the connections, conversations, lucky finds, coincidences, and synchronicities by creating a strong field of attraction with our intentions. This will allow us to collect enough momentum to nudge us in the right direction as we drift moment to moment to get to a place where we will come across all that we have ever desired.We become one with the flow, moving with energy, allowing it to carry us along its gentle currents, remaining in our lowest energy state instead of pushing against the current and paving through tidal waves of circumstances in order to do everything OUR way.If we get a desire, we hold the desire in our thoughts; we get closer and closer to it. This is why any form of meditation is important. It allows us to sharpen our mind into a samurai sword that gives us focus, agility, precision, and strength of mind.This mental swiftness will attract individual particles of energy that we require in order to manifest our objects of desire.If our focus is on love, pleasure, and prosperity, it will be pouring out of us, like waves of energy extending golden tentacles out of every pore, grabbing and pulling in every bit of desire that is in our reach.If we maintain our focus on the good, the good will come to us.If we give our best, we will receive our best.If we give love, we will receive love."

It is what It is


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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