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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"We can see a pattern start to emerge in the world. As we zoom in to the smallest of niches, it always resembles what we experience on a daily basis, and continues on to that which triumphs us in size. We can see these principles reoccurring everywhere we look. We are no different than the bacteria that our skin is crawling with. We are no different than the animals that we keep as pets. We are all a part of a living, breathing, forever expanding universe; an expanding oneness that seems to be separated into infinite sea of separate nodes.As we begin to learn about natural processes of cells, microorganisms, and atoms, we gain knowledge of solar systems and galaxies. As we gain more knowledge of the exterior world, we gain knowledge of the internal world. Anything we observe is a reflection of ourselves, and everything else in the world. As we look closely at any object in this universe, as we focus more and more energy and attention toward one aspect, it begins unfolding into the universal code that formed it all. We begin to uncover long awaited secrets to all the questions we have ever thought about our mind. Every piece of matter that we can experience holds within it the structural code of the universe because there is never any difference between what or who we are and the world we experience as being outside of us.Everything we see is connected and made of the same principles as everything else. We all have the same abilities to become creators of our own experience.One thing separates us from happiness, and that is the thought that we are separate from it. We accept the fact that we need to seek it out from the external world. But it’s found deep within; we just need to focus on it to allow it to grow in size. All we have to do is watch the fire, burning away, delivering us to places in life that give us a sense of intense fulfillment.Our passions start to manifest themselves in front of our eyes. Very slowly we begin to notice little things around us change, one idea and thought at a time. This eventually leads us to seeing a completely new world all around us; an oasis in the middle of a desert, a paradise from what once was hell. And the only thing that changed is our perspective. Finding a life that once felt irritable and annoying, to one of endless wonder and amazement. A life that fill us up to the brim, and continues to fill us up until we overflow with joy and happiness, leaving nothing but a sensation of purity and streams of tears rushing down our face."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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