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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

""As above so below, as within so without, as the universe, so the soul." – Hermes TrismegistusLife works in a beautiful harmony.It can be viewed as an interstellar dance.From a smaller perspective, all that we see around us is chaotic motion; it’s unpredictable and we never know what we are going to get. If we zoom out until we can see ourselves as an infinitesimally small dot in the darkness of space, we can start to see all the chaos calming down to a fluid movement of energies.When we begin to extend our perception far inward, our mind expands forever out. The further inside we go, the more we learn about ourselves; our preferences, our desires, our motivations, and our heart begin to speak for themselves. The more we know about life and the universe, the more we know about the rich worlds that comprise the person in the mirror.The road map to living the life of our dreams is located inside our mind. All that we wish to experience is already inside of us, the only thing we have to do is establish it in our mind and we will begin to notice it occurring all around us, filling our focus with a sense of wonder.Everything we seek, we pull in; it gets attracted by our thoughts and intentions. It all rushes through the night skies, moving, colliding, merging, slithering, closer and closer to us. This dance is happening all around us. We are submerged in it like an ocean of color, music, and movement; buzzing, floating soaring, weaving, and zooming each thought and desire past our very eyes.All available for each and every single one of us to enjoy and appreciate, love and utilize for further growth which leads to more and more and more. Join the dance of life."

No Vision Required


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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