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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"When Pandora’s Box was opened, all of the illnesses and curses flew out to plague the world of mankind. In panic, Pandora rushed to close the box and in doing so, left one single thing to remain. The one thing that she kept from being released into the world would be the one thing that would allow us to cope with the new found “demons” ravaging the world.When life gives us something, whether a new opportunity, a new encounter, a new idea, or even any daily decisions that we have to face throughout the day, we have choices. We always have choices whether or not to open or close a “box” and release its contents to either benefit or plague our life. With every decision that we make there are always things that happen outside of us, pieces that are going to move, interaction that will occur because we decided to take action in one particular way or another.When we act on our desires, we always find the reality that we want, and every human being deserves the choice to act upon their freedoms. Even in the face of danger, we all have the ability to ultimately decide for ourselves in order to engage or disengage from a certain "gift" that someone tried to give to us; hence we all have a choice to whatever we bring into our experience. When we receive something unpleasant, something that causes discomfort inside of us, we have to remind ourselves that the reason we are experiencing this feeling is because we took the necessary steps in order to get the results that we are presented with. We can either learn from this event, learning the ins and outs to prevent it from happening in the future, or play the blame game and get stuck in a perpetual cycle of despair.By following the course of events, we can chose to react in a few ways; some that allow us to grow and build precious life experiences in order to become better, or to get buried deeper and deeper in the misfortunes that others might desire for us. Our choices allow us to overcome obstacles that we previously thought to be impossible. We get faced with situations that test our will to live, to fight, and to stay in the process of evolution. We get tested with battles that allow us to conquer our deepest fears, insecurities, and difficulties that we have never foreseen to occur in our life. We get an opportunity to walk out of the lion’s den beat up, but stronger than when we entered; it all begins with a choice.We don’t always have the opportunity to open the “box,” sometimes it is opened for us and we must face the consequences as best as we can.If we follow through with the actions that preceded the events of hardships and difficulty to the end of a misfortunate situation, we allow Pandora's Box to stay open until the very end, effectively doing that which Pandora herself could not do; release the totality of the contents, the bad and the good.When Pandora felt too fearful of what was to come, she slammed the box shut too early and left Hope locked within that box. We can learn from our mistakes and keep the box open long enough to see our problems to the end, making sure our suffering wasn’t for nothing.We can take full responsibility for everything that has taken place up to this point in our lives and allow hope to course through the world once again."

Pandora's Box


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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