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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Our ability to be happy doesn't depend on the situations that we face throughout life. It is not based on anything but how we feel about our life. No matter how little we may think we have, as long as we count our true riches we will live a life with a heart that is overfilling with love.We can find a reason to be grateful for anything that can enter our experience. Whether it is “good” or “bad”, we can find a reason to be the lucky recipient of what life decided to reward us with. The “good” brings us our dream on a platter, the “bad” teaches us exactly how we can reach our dreams. If we accept everything that comes our way as a challenge or a game, we can keep a healthy distance from the pain and look for hidden truths within, observing everything around us for clues to be grateful. In the end we can always find the things that bring us a sense of beauty.We fly through the ethers of space, swim through the oceans of energy that if were visible, would blind us to everything else due to its density. We attract what we put out into the universe, and by feeling and living it in the moment, we attract every possible piece of the puzzle needed to build our dream life.We flow through this life, doing everything that we need to do in order to leave a positive, loving, and bright impact on the world. We make the needed connections with our fellow brothers and sisters on this ride, and we help one another other reach our highest purpose. We give them a piece of our heart as we move through their timeline, and they give us a piece of theirs. We share with each other something that we cannot get anywhere else; a unique contribution that only we could have provided. Once we all understand that we are all in the same boat, we can give each other the love that we ourselves want. We know that we are all exposed to the same issues; we all fight the same battles, except on our own terms. We can accept that and show empathy toward one another; whether human or not. We grow the same connection with pets, and animals all around the spectrum of life.We love, connect, grow, and spread ripples of joy and happiness along all the lives that we have touched, and ultimately all the lives that they have touched as well. We create a never ending ripple that creates minor changes in how the outcomes can carry another person on a wild adventure.We are all connected; we are all each other’s mentors and each other’s students.We get what we ask for; consciously or not.No need to be afraid to reach out and connect with the people around us.It’s like a heart to heart handshake. We acknowledge them as the wise and divine being that they are for the mere fact of existing, and allow them the freedom to be themselves as long as our freedoms do not overlap with each others. We respect, love and desire nothing but the best for each; to follow our own dreams, to have our own thoughts, to shape our own destinies, to move our own mountains.Spread these wings and fly, but only if we feel like it"

Phoenix of the Water


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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