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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Everything in this world requires some form of attention in order for it to exist. If nobody can perceive something to be true, then it doesn't exist in our reality. Only when a person can see it and have knowledge of it does it begin to separate itself from the background of life and stands out in our perception of the world enough so to become an identifiable object or idea.The universe is built to observe itself; all the information always returns back to a single point in order to continue forward and be able to adapt or grow with the new information acquired.This natural response begins to skew when our desire for observation becomes toxic and we seek external attention in order to feel alive instead of relying on self-awareness.By attaining focus from others we get a natural rush of energy. Many people get stuck inside that intoxicating element of social interaction. We seek approval from others and fish for their attention in ways that aren’t always healthy for our own well-being.Attempts to remain at the center of attention eventually drive us to the loss of what makes us who we are. Our actions come from a place of pleasing others rather than ourselves. If all our thoughts and motivations come from the pleasure of others, we never develop a personality that would make us feel like a true individual. We become nothing but a combination of what others want us to be, none of it being us.Getting into our minds, giving ourselves the ability to think our own thoughts, feel our emotion, believe our beliefs, experience our own joys and sorrows, accept our moments of confidence and insecurities, allows for the individual to build a personal sense of who they are, independent of the environment around them. No matter who is around us, or what is happening, we can always have faith and confidence in the person that we have found within ourselves. With every single discrepancy we clear up within ourselves, we let go of the hooks others have implanted deep within us to control and manipulate our behavior. We start to have a choice of what we want to reoccur in our life, giving us the power to construct our own mind, our flow of thoughts, and where we place our focus, to ultimately regain the power over the construction of our destiny.When we live through the eyes of another, we have to conform to an unpredictable world; one that has no clear answer to how we can or can’t act, always living in a state of uncertainty, discomfort, and fear. Once we can let go of seeking attention from others and focus on giving ourselves the awareness that we require to exist, we start to feed the person that we want to be instead of the person that others want us to be.By choosing to put our own needs and mental health above the needs others, we gain the freedom of clarity and purpose, eventually finding our own personal island of paradise."

Quiet Company


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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