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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"When we do what we love and not worry about time, we are able to tap into the infinite creative potential of our internal world. A big change comes when we ignore the outside world and focus on our own needs. The external world is relentless about keeping us engaged with its dance of fear and temptation, and if we can let go of it, we find inner strength.This dance stops us from achieving our personal dreams. The only way to move forward is to focus on our current situation and create an image of the future we are striving towards.We can use focus to notice the life around us; notice all the little details, the “coincidences” and synchronicities. Every detail that comes to us happens for a reason.Our dreams are happening around us.Everything we have ever wanted is right in front of our nose.It is all staring us in the face through each emotion that we come across.We are able to see the universe unfold in front of us. We see people pop into our life, exactly the ones that we have been hoping to find; the ones that hold the keys to all the locked doors we have been knocking at with no answer. We start to notice little hints from the world, and if we pick up on them and we bring them into our reality, then we are able to explore their significance and their deeper meanings to allow us to make more informed decisions from that point on.People will start to look at us will awe in their eyes. They see a being of so much love, so much light, that they cannot but help reciprocate the same feeling of love and support. We become bonded, like a neuron communicating with its neighbor, so will we, be able to expand our power and reach to achieve things that might have felt impossible before, yet now become as easy as breathing; and the experience of every piece coming together so perfectly, is succulent.One neuron is capable of synthesizing certain neurotransmitters and change its polarization, but cannot do much by itself. Once it starts to reach out and establish connections with its neighbors, it gets connected to a force that shadows its own.And it is now at our command.We start behaving like the head of a collective mind. We are now capable of using all available resources, all connection, all different pathways, to reach our intentions and goals.By connecting to a wide and powerful network of capable, likeminded people, we gain the ability to work in unison on projects on a world scale that can deliver us our dreams, and depending on our scope, can even create a brand new world free of corruption and unnecessary suffering.Connect and thrive."

Ra Unconditional Love


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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