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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"The resource that we all so take for granted is time.Each moment that passes through us, can be felt, observed, and enjoyed to a point of complete bliss. We can extract the potential energy of life through a single moment of inspiration.When we invest our time in something, we are infusing the gift of life straight into it.If we choose to work our time away and follow that path money has placed in front of us, we end up trading our precious life force for a tool. We are using a magical recourse that escapes our existence with each blink of the eye to accumulate a tool, like a hammer or a ladder, in order to feel satisfied or superior. Eventually, we acquire enough hammers and ladders to fill our homes, and every building in the world. Now we have a world full of hammers and ladder, yet not enough time or space to enjoy the miracles of life.Most people end up waiting until retirement to start focusing on who they are, what makes them happy, and how to use their time to reach fulfillment. They wait until the very last moment of life to experience all that was going on around them every moment they were alive.Understand that equating our time with money, will always leave us empty handed and empty hearted. The only way we can extract happiness is by being happy in the moment, whenever, wherever we are by pure appreciation and exploration of the moment. If we can accomplish that feat, and manage to retain a natural balance, then we can find what it is we really enjoy and start to find ways to monetize it.Our time is the ultimate resource; one that allows us to accomplish everything in this world as long as we use it constructively. Everything that could possibly improve our life, our well being, and our state of mind become a priority in our day. Using our time to focus on loving and positive thoughts gives us the blueprint of what life full of wonders can taste like. Then, with each moment that we have been given, we can start to compound the value of each one in a focused direction to create a foundation of bricks that will sustain the dream life that we are always reaching for.We can use our time to move forward every day, physically, spiritually and emotionally to be closer to our true self and lead a life of adventure.Gain control over time and we gain control over our destiny!"



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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