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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Being stuck in our mind as a hostage victim can sway anyone into falling into the despairs of this world. Being mentally abused and handicapped by our own thoughts lock us away from ever experiencing the world as it is meant to be.Under every opportunity is a disappointment.Under each encounter, a jackass.Under each success, a reason for failure.We view life under a dark tint, as if life is dampened in all possible ways. It appears dull and humdrum. In this society people get prescribed medication to numb the thoughts that cause us discomfort.This combats the need for the mind to suffer in the environment that it created for itself.The question is why?Why create an environment where we cause ourselves pain and deliberately disrupt the homeostasis of our own bodies?Our body tries to keep a balance that keeps everything running at its best, so all individual parts are interacting properly with the rest. All the necessary chemical reactions proceed as needed. All the proper hormones get distributed to where they need to be. All cascading effects lead to proper nourishment of the cell on every level. All waste is taken care of properly and all cell replications are made sure to be executed perfectly.So when our minds interfere, our homeostasis gets interrupted. We disrupt the balance; disrupt the thoughts, the hormone uptake, and the replication efficacy. We disrupt the way our bodies function and put our well being on the line.What is the purpose of this phenomenon? Why does this pain occur within our minds?Might there be a hidden answer behind the demons that plague our minds?Perhaps there are benefits of experiencing these discomforts for it could teach us how to overcome the very thing that restraints our ability to become whole. Perhaps the poison is the cure.The very thing that holds us down can be the thing that sets us free.We all deserve to be happy. We all deserve to live. We all deserve to prosper.Our weaknesses one day might very well be our greatest strengths."



    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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