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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"The burning embers of love ignite within each of us when we can truly be accepted by another human being. Total and complete acceptance of another is the baseline of having and keeping any relationship pure with good intentions. Freedom of expression allows us to flourish into a dance of weaving vines, intertwining as they grow higher and higher, providing strength and support for one another.Entering into a symbiotic relationship with another being, one that provides the nutrients needed to become our true selves opens doors into a realm of mature love. There is a mutual benefit for our interactions because we are able radiate our love further and deeper than we could ever before, but also continue to develop a stronger and more mature understanding of one self and one another which births a connection that defies the limits of our perception and supersedes space and time.Life becomes our playground.A love that allows for growth is the only thing that will ever satisfy our thirst for adventure, search for higher pleasures and higher states of existence. A love that sees all that we are, every fault, every polished edge, every choice we have made and every consequence that we have dealt with, every wrong turn and every sprint to the finish line, each disappointment and celebrations and does one thing and one thing only; find the beauty that lies in each moment that has allowed for even a sliver of an experience that lead to a lesson which allowed for growth. Growth that allowed for us to have been swayed ever so gently by the choices that we made, eventually brining us upon a place that allowed us to meet and cross paths in the first place.A love that gives us the freedom to breathe, be ourselves to the highest degree, and have the other appreciate everything on whatever level it resonates within them, leaving no room for judgment of past events. A love that inspires us to be open and bloom as much as possible.Two individuals that have reached the full capability to look deep inside and find the love they have for themselves. Two individuals that found a reason to love each and every decision and mistake we have ever made.To love for simply being.Love ourselves until there is only understanding and compassion for everything that we have gone through. We are able to see the light in every crevice of our life and accept it the way it is because it gave rise to the weathered warrior we see before ourselves today. We endured emotional droughts, tests of strength, valor, persistence, and struggled to survive, which brought upon the world a captain, sailing through the choppy waters of life, collecting battles scars and maintaining repairs, always in search for the treasure in a destination far away. We realize that each battle fought and each victory attained gifted us with a piece of the treasure map that slowly points the way to the buried treasure of our dreams; slowly putting the pieces together to create a comprehensive picture that allows for direction and a destination.Things take time, and we must cross the ocean until we reach the treasure chest filled with our wildest desires. As we sail through the clear, sunny, and pleasant weather to faraway lands, we have no worries about anything in life. We look around us and appreciate the ride; appreciate the scenery, the smells, the glimmering water, and the color of the sky as we sail closer and closer to the shores of paradise. We are gazing out into the distance, a fresh breeze softly caresses our face, and we have only one thing in our heart; a pure prism of light, radiating throughout our whole body.We are this at each and every moment of our life. Bask in the things that let us see the connections between everything that is happening all around us and always reach for more.When we find an individual that feels the same way, we have a relationship destined for success."

Scarlet Love


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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