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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Your words penetrate deeper than any dagger known to man. They slice through my heart, releasing all the built up pressure that has accumulated over the years. Your words carry with them, so much truth, so much love, so much emotion. Every note that floats out, reverberates through the cell of my heart, filling me with sensations of pure light, energizing every blood cell that rushes through me, leaving little deposits of gold into the fabric of who and what I am.You embellish my life.Every moment with you is a moment in paradise. My heart flutters from the ecstasy it finds in every melody that flows through my inner thoughts, soaking every memory, washing over me from head to toe.Each heart string plucked over and over again.Each nerve firing a symphony of impulses brighter than any light show known to man.Each emotion that surfaces though the voice of your heart gains momentum through each tone, each chord, each verse, reaching out in infinite ways, inviting me to connect.Connect to a source of love, a source of light in this world.I’m pulled to a separate universe, a world all my own, in which I feel so understood, so loved, so moved.You speak with such emotion, such confidence. I can hear each intentional quiver in your voice, every inclination, and every piece of your heart is displayed in full nudity.Purity and love infused through your words feel so warm and satisfying to the ear. With every moment that passes, you allow me to remain in an environment of pure bliss, bathing in the sunshine of your soul, no matter where I might be.You flow through my veins, where ever I might go.

Seeing Blue


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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