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This collection of poems is put together to highlight the mind state and growth that Andrey Psychè has and continues to experience. Poems that track back to the beginning of his transformation of becoming an artist, and range all the way up to the present moment. Inside you will find words of love that evoke mental pictures of natural wonders, struggles with the reality of our current paradigms, explorations of the depths of the heart; lined with the longing for a lover that can only be heard in the whispers of the winds, felt in the moments where thoughts get too lost to hear themselves, and seen only there where logic and reason are constantly misplaced. Each poem begins its life visually through photography, painting, or drawing. This is then translated by holding the visual image in the heart, allowing the abstract notions and hidden details from the subconscious mind to percolate through into the realm of words, uncovering deep seeded truths that can be shared easier between minds. Take a deep breath and dive into the abstract waters of the Almighty Psyche!

Space Between the Crescent Shadows PDF BOOK


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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