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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Trying to get anything done in a messy area can be frustrating and painful due to the inability to get into a flowing state of mind. We are always interrupted by having to locate something that throws off the momentum. It takes up extra room on a subconscious and conscious level, tunnels our vision and our ability to see and think things through past a certain point. It fills up the physical space around us, and fills up the space in our mind for continuous thought.See it as piles of debris being thrown onto a racetrack. The driver can go on forever driving around the track, zooming through, circle after circle after circle. We start throwing things onto the track and the driver will need to slow down or even stop at times in order to continue. He will have to avoid these obstacles that we threw in his way. The same works with our thoughts and potential. The clutter takes up the physical and mental space.If we are ever faced with the feeling of being stuck, we need to consciously inspect our surroundings. Have we been paying attention to all that is accumulated around us?Have we placed our focus on the things that have been under our nose this whole time?Have we taken the time to actually open our eyes and see past the lens of our thoughts?We can find that through the process of giving focus to all of these things that have been in front of us this whole time, and organizing them into their proper places or getting rid of them altogether, we are simultaneously doing the same in our mind. Our physical reality is a direct representation of our mental state and the thoughts that we continue to have on a day to day basis. As we go through the motions of organization, our thoughts become more collected because just like in our daily activities, we are able to find things when we need them. Everything runs smoother because there are no distractions for us and we are able to be as productive as possible. Our mind can have free reign over all that we want from the world; capturing ideas and revelations with ease.We are no longer slowed down by mental clogs. We are able to reach smooth flow of thoughts that allow us to be more productive in the exterior world once again, bringing in our dreams directly to us, as we enjoy the process of achieving those dreams."

The Cleanse


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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