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Don't get it twisted

Cus it's true

You'll get lost

Trying to find it

See logic has this funny way

To make you out in but one way

In but one matter of your sight

And you'll get locked, no key attached

But if you choose to thow it our

Please, not for good

Just for time being

And let the lub-dub take the steering

You'll find your hazy mind clearing

There's but one path that gets you there

To win

To live

To be a millionaire 

You'll see it start to piece along

With that true peace

And find, the one.


  • Matte finish, textured surface with no glare
  • Paper weight of 300gsm
  • Bright white
  • Hand cut edges
  • Perfect for framing
  • Resistant to scratches and fingerprints

"The head and the Heart" Fine Art Print


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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