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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Love is such a beautiful thing.There is never a wrong time for love.When we give love to one another, we give love to ourselves as well. Nobody can make us feel loved more than we can. Only we are capable of showing what true love really means to us. Only we can unlock the true power of love.Once we spark the light of love inside ourselves, a spark that envelopes us into a firestorm that leaves our heart and body burning with the sweet and purifying energy of love, we can start to share that spark to as many people as we choose.We begin to acquire a taste of passion, a taste of desire, and an undeniable experience of being alive. We become completely attuned with ourselves and create the ability to find love in every interaction, with every person we meet, at any time, because our love no longer depends on external circumstance, but extends out from its birth place.We no longer depend what happens outside our mind, or heart, because we have all the love we will ever need inside of us, so full that we exude love through our seams, giving everyone else the one thing that they all long for.Once we can give ourselves true love, we can become beacons for more love. Love is free for everyone and pays off in infinite ways. We have all had a person that we would do absolutely anything for. We remember how bad we wanted to put a smile on their face. We remember how much love and happiness we felt coming from them. We remember how much we cared and how much good we wanted for them. We wanted everything for this person. We never wanted them to be hurt by the world. We remember all the good times we had because we wanted nothing but the best for this person. We remember this love because all we wanted was to give this love, unconditionally. We wanted nothing in return, only to have the chance at providing a source of love for this person.For some it might be familiar love, for others it might be romantic love, but for all, it should be self love.Take that love that we have for that person and direct it inward. Treat ourselves exactly how we would treat the one person we would die for. Don't ever talk ill of ourselves. Always give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. Always believe that we can achieve anything our mind conceives for us. Always be present. Always strive for what is best, no matter the challenges.Once we do that, love will be inside everything we look into, and then we will truly understand that life is nothing but what we see in it and what we make of it."

Whispering Roses


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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