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Excerpt from "Expedition of the Psyche: Dimaond Edition"

"Life bombards our senses with millions of stimuli, and the ones that we pay attention to become the reality that we chose to live in. With each decision we make in our minds, we set out our expectations of what we think we will see in the world, what we want to see in the world, or what we think we will see in the world.These decisions that we are making, thoughts that we are producing and experiencing, they allow our mind to start to give us an idea of what the feeling of living through a certain situation would be like. That’s why when we think certain thoughts, we allow our mind to observe them to become more prepared to receive the stimulus that will make us feel just as we have practiced. Practiced meaning we have already thought about this before and felt the emotions that accompanied that thought. If we think thoughts that get us angry, a fight will follow us everywhere we go. Thoughts of jealousy, we will find that too. Thoughts of love, joy, prosperity, and we will find ourselves inside situations that deliver exactly that.Out of every single possible piece of information that penetrates our mind, we get to decide which of them we get to see come to life by focusing on them. We have the power to build our own nightmares and live in a personal hell. Or, we also have the power to live our wildest fantasies and feel as good as we ever wanted to.We put ourselves into a state of being where we are noticing what we need to see and experience to draw us closer to our dreams and desires. We get sucked into the wormhole of experiences that gives us everything that we need to have in order to live a successful and prosperous life. We start to notice things that previously held no meaning to us, and now, they are exactly what we need in order to move forward with our ascension in life. We begin to find interactions that progress our thinking from sources never before seen, or were not allowed to be seen due to the dark cloud engulfing our mind. All begins to move us closer to the things we desire the most.One thought, one stimulus, one moment at a time.Feeling is believing is creating."

Zugspitze Keeblers


    © 2018 Andrey Psyche

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