what is "space between the crescent shadowsall about?

Do you feel stagnant in your life? 

Here's how to get back into the flow!

Finally, a book that leads by example, pulling no punches, revealing every vulnerability for the entire world to experience.

Each poem models the principles of an expressive emotional lifestyle which paints an intimate portrait of a life we are all too familiar with through which many find comfort and understanding.

This book will hold up a mirror to your life and extract the pain bodies that you've been too busy to air out!

You will go on a journey through different themes of experiences that will reveal deep-seated truths about your own life, breaking down barriers and building understanding for future experiences to come.

This book will remind you of the choice you've made, of the people you've loved, and the ones you did wrong. The times you came out triumphant, and the times you lost. You will be reminded of the value of every experience you've gone through and find the tools to dig up the treasure that has been inside all along. 

Soon, you will be living in your highest reality, it all starts right here!

about your author Andrey psyche 

As an interdisciplinary artist and an active member in the creative community, I know the value of authentic expression. I experienced its transformative powers first-hand years ago.

I began putting conscious effort into recognizing the patterns surrounding my life and took personal responsibility for every outcome that has ever come to be.

Slowly, I felt more liberated than ever before and I realized that in order to be full, we must first become empty.


Ever since that first day, I pledged to the world that I will do everything I can to share the perspective of peace and love that has engulfed me like a tidal wave.

As someone who started from a history of anxiety, depression, isolation, and feeling like a complete outcast, by going through this process, a completely new Andrey was born from the ashes of the old. One of peace, confidence,  and presence.


I want nothing more in the world but to give everyone that same opportunity to reach their higher potential and to feel a place of belonging in their own heart. I believe that my book "Space Between the Crescent Shadows" can be the first step to a greater life for so many people like me.

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Powerful Visual Meditation Tools 

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Each image acts as a lattice, a wireframe, a net, that catches your thoughts and presents them to you for acceptance.

This was the process of my very first book, Expedition of the Psyche and it unleashed a world of wisdom that I never thought I knew.

This is a very powerful tool!

Access to 7 Powerful Teachings

by Alan Watts 

Alan Watts was a well-known British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known for his interpretation of Eastern philosophy for Western audiences.


Watts is an invigorating speaker as well as a visionary that is sure to leave an impression on your mind and get you hooked to a new world view from this hand-picked selection of videos just for you!

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6 top songs handpicked by Psyche himself that utilize his poetry and writing skills to deliver and easy to digest message that will leave a lasting imprint on the heart and the mind.

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we all need a push sometimes



I'm here to give you that  


But you have to act now!



Order now and get all these bonuses for free

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Space Between the Crescent Shadows paperback copy (19.99$)


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